Responsive Facebook Profile Stream

version 3

Smartly Stream Your Favorite Facebook Page Updates Inside Your Joomla Site. Simple & Fast

A smart module to display Status and Share from Facebook Profile as stream. After authentication, simply give your Facebook username, select style from built-in styles and layouts. Keep your visitors on your site while giving them all important updates from your FB profile.

Core Features

Latest Updates

Displays latest updates from Facebook page


Dynamic Animation, Relative and Specific Date.


Image Preview as Tootip or Popup

5 Built-in Themes

Clean, Gray, Dark, Metro Single Color, and Metro Multi Color (random), Facebook Alike

5 Built-in Layouts

Simple listing, Auto-Height Grid (Masonry), List with Vertical Scroll Animation, and One-Column Timeline

Style-Match with Your Site

Full control to style-match with your Joomla site. Control for content font size

Front End

Facebook Profile Stream for Joomla

Admin Screenshots

Facebook Profile Stream
Facebook Profile Stream
Facebook Profile Stream Module Joomla

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Joomla Version Support

Supports all Major Browsers

Commonly Asked Questions

You can show your Image preview as Tooltip or Popup
Yes, it does show the update in real time.
Yes it will support for all joomla template and this module has 5 built-in theme and 5 built-in layout, so you can match any theme with your joomla site.

Version History

3 21/01/2015 * Bug fixes
* Support for latest FB API
2.8 15/07/2014 + Control improvements
2.5 08/08/2013 * Bug fixes
2.1 20/05/2013 * Initial release
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